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Frequently asked questions

Are prints personalised to look like a specific person?

Yes, personalised prints are designed to look like you and your family. For example: Hair colour, hair length and hair style. We match from the requests of baby, toddler, teen to adult. We can even add any animal and any text!

What GSM are Business Cards?

Business Cards are printed on 250-400 gsm silk card.

What GSM are Thank You cards, card compliment slips and A6 Scratch cards?

This ranges from 18- to 210 GSM.

How long is dispatch?

Dispatch can take around 7-10 working days depending on workload.

Can we swap things around in the business bundles?

Yes of course, I will always try to customise to your requirements. Please fill in the contact form and i will be happy to help.

Can we customise our our Business Stationery bundle?

Yes, Please fill in the contact form and let me know the quantities and what you require and i will be happy to help create a customised bundle.

How many people can you fit on a personalised print?

It depends on what design print. On the family prints i can add upto 16 people. On the football shirt prints upto 12. If you have any questions regarding this, Please fill in the contact form and i will help the best i can.

What Sizes are the prints?

All prints are A4. I know longer offer A3 prints but i can accommodate A5. Frames are also A4 Only.

How many pages are in your order books?

It ranges from 10 double sided pages, 20 double sided pages to 30 double sided pages.

Do you design custom prints?

Yes, if you have something specific in mind i will try my best to design it for you!

If a frame arrives broken from shipping, will i get a full refund of the order?

No, Prints are non-refundable BUT we may offer a replacement frame or a refund for the frame only.

How are framed and unframed prints packaged?

Framed prints are lovably packaged using Recyclable green bubble wrap and put into a postal bag or box.

Unframed prints are put into a cellophane protectable cover and posted in a "Do not bend" envelope.

How are Business bundles packaged?

Business bundles are sent out in a postal box, in some cases they are sent out in a "Do not bend" envelope.

What occasions do you print for?

Christmas, Birthdays, Halloween, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Any!

Can you print CLP'S and safety stickers?

Yes i can do these, please fill in the enquiry form.